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Little Wonders utilizes The Creative Curriculum within the infant, toddler and preschool classrooms. Using Creative Curriculum's 36 objectives of development and learning our experienced and credentialed staff encourage children to develop and learn according to their own unique learning styles, interests and development.  Our curriculum provides opportunities for growth and increased independence in the following areas:

  • Cognitive skills

  • Social/emotional skill

  • Visual/perceptual abilities

  • Language skills

  • Physical skills

  • Artistic and musical expression

Child observation and assessment, both formally and informally, are on-going using Teaching Strategies GOLD and the Brigance screening tools. Assessments are shared with parents within 45 days of enrollment and again during conferences held at least twice a year. Parents are encouraged to check in regulary with their child's teacher to see how their child is doing or to discuss any questions or concerns they may have. 

Infants and toddler Program

Infants grow and develop quickly. Our Infant program is designed to make sure our littles are meeting their recommended developmental milestones. Our small infant class size makes it easy for staff to observe and asses each child's development allowing them to create activities that help to encourage and enhance these new skills at each individual child's own pace.  Infant staff also work with parents and families to reinforce important health and safety practices including increased tummy time for muscle development, safe sleep practices, feeding and diapering routines, car seat safety and student health or medical needs.  

As children grow into active toddlers our staff add activities that encourage independence as they prepare the students to move on to the Pre-School  program.  Art activities, music and movement and outdoor play are added to the curriculum. Students are introduced to more independent activities such as sitting at the table during art, snack and meal times, using utensils and cups during snack and meals and cleaning up their materials when they are finished. Teachers use basic sign language to encourage young and non-verbal toddlers to express their wants and needs. 

Pre-Kindergarten Readiness Program

Our Pre-Kindergarten readiness curriculum is designed to further develop a child’s feeling of independence, exploration and discovery as they prepare to enter Kindergarten.   Our curriculum introduces our preschool students to various investigation or studies throughout the year with an emplasis on learning and problem solving through both indoor and outdoor play and large group or small group activities.  Studies introduce students to concepts that include, but are not limited to: art, music and movement, science, math, citizenship, health and nutrition and reading and language development. Basic Spanish and sign language concepts further enhance our studies and curriculum concepts.

Some of the studies we use in our preschool program include:

*The beginning of the year study - routines, classroom rules, All about me and families

*Tree study - parts of trees, what animals live in trees, what grows on trees, how do trees changs, what can we do with trees, apples

*Clothing Study -  what are features of clothes, how do we take care of clothes, how do people make clothes, where do we get our clothes, special clothes people wear for work, clothes around the world

*Pet study - do you have a pet, what animals make good pets, where do they sleep, what is best place for pets, what to pets eat - carnivore vs herbivore, how do we care for pets, veterinarians

*Buildings and roads study - what do buildings in our neighborhood look like, who builds buildings, what are buildings made of, what happens inside buildings, maps and blueprints, types of vehicles, road signs, bridges

*Ball study - do all balls bounce, do all balls roll, what makes balls roll, who uses balls, what are balls made, bigger and smaller, sink or float, heavy and light, spheres, sports

School-Age Program

Our before and after school program provides a safe place for school-age children if parents work schedules extend outside or beyound school operating hours. Children are provided opportunities to complete homework assignments, have a snack, be creative, play games and relax with friends. Arrangements can be made for additional care for half-days, school holiday and weather closures or delayed openings. A daily summer camp program is also available for students who have completed Kindergarten through age 12.




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